Client Stories

Here are a few stories of people I’ve worked with obviously anonymised and from my persective.

Jasmine’s story
Jasmine was referred to me when her life had turned to seeming chaos. She was from another London borough on the other side of town and was pretty much a ‘lost soul’ displaced and in great need of support and care.

Amy’s story
I met Amy when she was released from a young person’s psychiatric ward at the local authority offices.  I had a brief case history verbally from the social and drug’s workers about her having been found overdosed in her mother’s flat.

Cheryl’s story
I met Cheryl very soon after she had been released from a psychiatric unit.
Cheryl was resistant to working with anyone and did not trust a soul; so she challenged and confronted and questioned me deeply and incessantly. I stuck with her recognising how difficult it is when a new person comes in to your life suggesting they may be able to make a difference.

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