• Child Minding. Once I had my child I wanted to do the mothering so I helped working mothers’ and helped look after theirs. It’s how I first started to learn about the beginnings of sibling rivalry at first hand and homo sapiens pack behaviour.
  • Running Maths and Chess after primary school clubs. I evolved and developed as my child did-both of us learning the different needs and requirements of different stages of development her receiving and me studying.
  • Individual Academic Tutoring-with social and emotional support. I have a good academic head but also an understanding of those that struggle. I am a very strong believer in 1-1 personal support to increase interlectual confidence and abilities.
  • Youth Support Worker. I saw that a lot of the young people I worked with had grown in world’s where they were not really nurtured, supported and held adequately. The first job I had was Creative Cooking with Chris. Having the additional distraction of a learning activity really helped these young people open up, share and be heard and thus be helped to move on.
  • Positive fun activities can take our minds away from pain for a while.
    Positive fun activities can take our minds away from pain for a while.

    Family Support Worker. I supported, advised and helped families to process where their dificulties had arisen from and looked at tactics on how to improve family life. This is where I really started to see that often one individual in a family is the symptom of the familie’s disorder and how Systemic Approaches are more favourable.

  • Youth Club Manager. I learnt my administration and managerial skills during this phase but did not enjoy how hierachal management structures can cause equal adults to behave in child like manners to their managers. I applied for funding, argued for funding and arranged and organized postive activities for young people but did not find enough time to do the intensive work that I felt was needed.
  • Area Youth Work Lead. As above really just with more staff to manage and more applications.
  • Intensive Targeted Youth Support.This is where I experienced some really dire consequences from troubled backgrounds and how the damage that is inflicted on a person is then demonstrated to the world. The interventions were never really long enough and were not officially permitted past 18 years old but one can only hope to plant seeds of caring and self help if this is the case. This is one of the main reasons that i have Founded Chryseis as the needs are still current for so many but the funding and the staffing levels are dropping.
  • Secondary School Targeted Youth Support. I partook of a personal study here, reading and researching the often dire effects of adoption and fostering. 70% of my case load was effected by these life experiences and the self harm and suicide fantasies were rife. I luckily am well informed in both these areas and saw the attachment and the relationship with a non-judgemental caring honest adult helped these young people move forward and understand their own feelings more.
  • LIC Leader in Charge at Youth Clubs-project planning and specialist intensive 1-1 support when needed. Formal and informal teaching.
  • Good interactions can create sparks of recognition to help move forwards.
    Good interactions can create sparks of recognition to help move forwards.

    Issue Based Youth Support. Local authorites used to seperate issues such as substance misuse and sex and relationships but with cut backs and the recognition that most people that demonstrate risky behaviours have ‘complex and multiple’ needs they created a task force that could deal with all possible life difficulties. I created and presented an Emotional Well Being Seminar and at last was comfortable with public speaking as well as 1-1 and 1-family help, support and advice on homelessness, education, employment, coping mechanisms-the list is endless.

  • I am still a recognised specialist foster carer. I started as the first person to be assessed and qualified Remand Foster Carer. This was the extrem and of the wedge and had a beautiful philosophy behind it-the carrot rather than the stick to help put teens back on the right track. The project was not ready and the referrals were not appropriate but I learnt an awful lot from having had 3 remand placements live with me.