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Christine McLaren - Founder of Chryseis
Christine McLaren – Founder of Chryseis

Christine has wide and deep knowledge of what it is to be human both currently and across our evolutiony past and thus recognises the interaction and differences between genetic/instinctual behaviours and cultural/social man made behaviours. This has led her to explore all areas from the individual’s neurobiochemistry and general biology, family relations and status, community/village practices and societies politics as well as international issues.

Trained in Psychology and Counselling with a close affiliation to Psychoanalysis she recognises the body as the unconscious mind and the interplay, of this, with the psyche as crucial to self awareness and thus physical, mental and emotional health. She supported this with studies in Anthrolpogy and Sociology.

Christine has taught for over 20 years across all stages of development and has studied various forms of education. She taught all subjects up to GCSE and A levels (if given the text book first!). She recognised that the emotional and social state of the individual strongly impacted on the individual’s academic attainment (to be really sciencey; the brain’s primal limbic system tends to dominate the pre-frontal cortex if stimulated!).

Christine has more recently studied Mind/Body interactions such as the placebo and nocebo effects and trained in NLP and Coaching.

Christine has prolific interpersonal skills and have applied these to numerous multi-agency experiences having worked for a couple of Local Authority Children’s services departments.

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Now to describe me less formally………I loved academia and hated school as I felt I didn’t fit in socially. Thankfully the Punk youth culture arrived just when I needed it and that supported my rebelliousness and my political awareness. Not fully sure about Anarchy now!

I had my one and only child when I was 20 and started studying harder than before. I recognised my upbringing had been a difficult one and did not want to repeat familial patterns with my child. I had seen so many families that got it ‘right’ the children felt held, loved, cared for, put first (often) and generally becoming well and healthy people. I also saw many many examples of quite how wrong life can go. Everybody has dreams and fantasies and plans and goals but how many of us are given the tools in life to even try to attempt them? I believe not many. I believe that very few of us are given a map or even adequate life skills to create what we would like and what suits us-let alone go for the big wishes.

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I was widowed at 26 thus becoming a lone parent and saw how one person can wear numerous attributes at once. Having to be all things to my child meant I was lucky enough to be able to develop many life skills in relation to child rearing and education. I learnt early on that the carrot is preferable to the stick and that equality of voice and listening and really hearing a younger person is one of the most beneficial ways of being -helping to create healthy self esteem.

I again had the privilage of being a constant student whilst tutoring and counselling 1-1 and  learning even more from my pupils. I chose my degree and believed that I would practice as a Psychologist or a Counsellor. This is where there was somewhat of a clash. I could not understand the different schools that divided the person, that segregated the person and that held tight to their model and their ways of practising. I believe that they are all correct for some people some of the time and but one certainly has to be flexible and integrate all models eclectically applying the needed skill depending on the clients need. I could not stand the so called professional/client relationship and the sub-dom relationship this created. I did not like the authoritarian ‘we know best’ models that many in this world used so; I stepped aside and went to the coal face-as it were.

I have applied a remarkably successful practice and am constantly re-vamping and re-newing my model of informal, casual self empowering education dependent on client needs. I have highly attuned empathy, couple with sensitized listening skills and a deep and wide knowledge of how to create change in one’s life.

I believe if we meet we will look at working together to see what it is you want and how we can formulate getting it. I will teach you what I know so that in the future you can apply these skills to your own life without having to keep returning, although this will always be an option.

If I am not the best fit for you-sometimes a middle aged middle class (ish) woman means there might be too much transference from other relationships or there might be an unrecognized reason why you feel you do not want to work with me-then I have numerous associates and referral pathways that I can help you with.


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