The Model

Every cloud has a silver lining.
Every cloud has a silver lining.

It’s a very simple formula-life, but we complicate and confuse ourselves very competently and frequently.

All of us need and require the same things in varying amounts. We will all have our own preferences, habitual patterns and  coping mechanisms when faced with adversity but we are all effected by similar external factors in.

Chryseis is different from other support, transformation and psychological services because we  recognize that for many people a casual, informal interaction can be the best learning environment to help improve lives; making changes for the better.

We know and understand the varying and various schools of thought in relation to human psychology but know that one model does not fit all at all times. We have the skills to vary the provision depending on client needs. We are up to date in the understanding of the neuro/bio/physio/chemical make up of the mind and how it effects us. We have an in depth knowledge of the holistic view that must, of course, include sociological, philospophical, evolutionary and spiritual influences upon our lives.

We can therefore provide nutritional nurturing and knowledge to help each client ‘Know Thyself and Thy will know the Universe’ (The Delphic Oracle; if wished for) or we will simply show you or create the map so you can find the way out of your troubles creating more resilience, more gratitude for what we already have, happiness and provide you with more tools to manage.

Only you are in control of you but we have techniques and skills we will share to re-empower you!

New life and beautiful growth watched over by strong big cat.
New life and beautiful growth.
Even our 'shadows' can dance!
Even our ‘shadows’ can dance!
The beauty after the storm.
The beauty after the storm.