How we can work together

This is primarily up to you! Client led as it were. I personally prefer face to face work where we can interact at as natural a level as possible; hearing and seeing all those posssibly unconscious behaviours that may be missed over the phone. But I am happy to work over the phone and may consider Skype. Words on a screen never say it all and we may not need it all said-you may have picked up on this point when reading The Model, so if preferable, even if just at first, we can e-mail.

We will formulate a contract that can be revised but which will give us some bounderies and limits on what we want to achieve together and Chryseis will charge at the mutually agreed rate-we work with a sliding scale of costs and this would be expected within a month of any work done. The intial assessment of each other is of course FREE.

Who’s Chris?

Christine McLaren - Founder of ChryseisChristine – Founder and principle practitioner.

Chris has wide and deep knowledge of what it is to be human both currently and across our evolutiony past and thus recognises the interaction and differences between genetic/instinctual behaviours and cultural/social man made behaviours. This has led her to explore all areas from the individual’s neurobiochemistry and general biology, family relations and status, community/village practices and societies politics as well as international issues.

Trained in Psychology and Counselling with a close affiliation to Psychoanalysis she recognises the body as the unconscious mind and the interplay, of this, with the psyche as crucial to self awareness and thus physical, mental and emotional health. She supported this with studies in Anthrolpogy and Sociology.

Christine has taught for over 20 years across all stages of development and has studied various forms of education. Read full profile

Client Story: Amy

Amy’s Story

I met Amy when she was released from a young person’s psychiatric ward at the local authority offices.  I had a brief case history verbally from the social and drug’s workers about her having been found overdosed in her mother’s flat.

Amy had been adopted by her Uncle when her psychiatrically ill mother had not been able to manage the parenting of her two children (Amy and I later visited Brian, her brother in an intensive adult psychiatric unit to keep the relationship and bond as a comfort however distressing).

Amy had been a good student at a strict Catholic School and had adhered to healthy and supporting boundaries within the adoptive home until the age of 14-15 when her difficulties had started to surface. Amy literally went off the rails eventually becoming a Class A using prostitute, housed and kept doped by a manipulative ‘pimp’. Read the full story