Nelly’s Commendation

Sometimes all we need is more fun.
Sometimes all we need is more fun.

Christine has worked with Nelly and her family for several years….Nelly described Chris as “smart, fun, bubbly, understanding, a person who does not miss anything, a very good listener, reliable and loyal.”  Nelly said that Chris is able to take criticism  and challenges. Nelly said she will whinge to Chris because she knows that Chris is a good listener.

Nelly said that Chris is an exceptionally intelligent woman who has a high volume of knowledge which she has put into practice as a parent and in her professional life.

Nelly has seen Chris enable her son John, 23 to look at something from a completely different perspective without realising that he is doing so, and that Chris undoubtedly uses this skill with other people she works with.  Nelly said Chris is a very down to earth person who does not like to give up on anything, and she is exceptionally encouraging of people.  She said “You don’t see Chris as an age, she’s a person, and people of any age can relate to her, but she can also be authoritative.”   Nelly said that Chris will listen and will not judge, and she will be able to encourage people to look at the good in their lives and to build on these.  Nelly understands that so many of the people that Chris currently works with cannot envisage a future for them selves or see a way out of their predicaments.  Chris is creative and full of ideas and just as she does in her current role, she will endeavour to help them see things from a different perspective.

Nelly said that she has seen the way Chris interacts with people, for example her own children and her grandson Kevin, and feels that she is very skilled at building up bonds and trusting relationships.  Additionally Chris has extremely high energy levels and is very sporty and fit.  She loves recreational activities and has plenty of experience of engaging youth in this type of setting.

there’s nothing that she hasn’t seen.”