Charlie’s Commendation

We all need to regress and be looked after sometimes.

We all need to regress and be looked after sometimes.

Christine worked with Charlie for over a year and he wrote about their time together.

Charlie described the time they were together as “brilliant”. Charlie stressed that he found their relationship very supportive and said Chris gave him “a hell of lot.”  She listened to him when his friend died and was extremely understanding around the “strained” relationship he had with his mother.  Chris offered Charlie a wealth of insight and he described her as a “very nurturing woman who is great at listening.”  He spoke of the very good times they shared and discussed how as people with similar minds and interests they enjoyed talking, and he said that Chris has “an incredible brain.”  Chris was always open and honest with him.

Charlie said that if he had ever gone off the rails as a younger man there is nobody else he would want to be with.  Charlie said that Chris is a very warm person who cares so much about people’s welfare.  Although Chris is always very careful not to breach confidentiality with Charlie in terms of her professional work with young people, she has discussed Larry, the young man who is serving a prison sentence for murder.  Charlie said “without Chris I doubt Larry would be doing what is doing now, (as a result of Chris’s encouragement he has taken classes in prison and is now starting to teach other inmates) and would not be the man he is becoming now.” Larry’s Story to be read elsewhere.