Area Youth Work Lead, London – Reference

A work collegues perspective…..Christine has a very natural way with young people and she is able to relate and talk with them effortlessly. Over the years of working with Christine I have found her to be trusted easily by young people and they seem to open up to her very quickly.

She has studied for many years around the social and psychological development of people / young people and has extensive knowledge about how young people develop and cope in difficult situations in their lives.

She is a mother herself and has first hand experience dealing with day to day issues that young people face and play out in their home lives.

Positive fun activitoes can take our minds away from pain for a while.
Positive fun activitoes can take our minds away from pain for a while.

Christine has worked with hard to reach targeted young people for many years and seems to always produce positive results from the work she does with them. She has a very calming nature and seems to always work professionally and productively when faced with stressful and difficult situations. We worked with a very difficult group of young people a number of years ago and she always seems to bring the best out in these young people.

I have spent many years learning from her wisdom and professional manner.

Christine works well with everyone and is always keen to work with other partners to support and resolve issues for people. As her previous role was working as a targeted worker she had to work with many different agencies to get the complex support needed for the young people on her caseload. She is extremely responsible, trustworthy and I have never known for her to be off sick or late for any session.