We all need help some times!

Are you feeling caught in a tangled web.
Are you feeling caught in a tangled web.

We’ve all been there – those times in our lives when things just aren’t going our way. It can be scary, painful, and make us feel angry and frustrated.
The truth is that although it may feel very lonely, it’s part of being human, and there are people around that can help. We can help.

There is almost a beleif in our current western culture that we ‘should’ be trying to be happy, content even joyful a lot of the time. Whilst it is true that many of us are ‘blessed’ with so much we might ask for and are luckier, materially, than our ancestors and many other cultures we are infact less happy.

We have been fed the idea that material wealth and possessions can be fulfilling but the research shows it’s gratitude for what we have, compassion and serving others and experiences that bring heightened happiness levels. A new gift for one self brings a short term pleasure and an intial buzz but we adapt very quickly and want or feel we need more.

We are also not frequently or adequately taught or shown how to manage the sad, anxious, depressing and desperate times.So many find short term solutions and comfort from self harming coping mechanisms such as substance misuse and other forms of emtional escapisms. These inevitably lead deeper and further in to crises.

We sometimes hold tight to our self made prisons.
We sometimes hold tight to our self made prisons.

Escapism, avoidance, denial and rejection of felt experience create a larger and deeper need to hide and lock us tighter in to our self made prisons. The denied experience will raise it’s head another way very frequently as physio/biological illness or disease. Facing your demons with Chryseis alongside and facing them with you is easier than you imagine.

There is no issue or trouble that you can bring to Chryseis that we haven’t broached before because there are only so many ways pain and handling pain presents itself.

We are not saying that change is easy the disequilibrium and disquiet of seeing or experiencing the world differently can be uncomfortable. Most neurological change-refiring new synapses and re-directing patterns of behavoiur take 3 months in an adult to feel like ‘normality’.  With focused work and true engagement in any processes we decide together this can be hastened.

It can be difficult to even contemplate change; we can trust the pain of the life we know to do as we expect. How can we trust the new world; a happier world, a more hopeful world? It is new terrain and this can create fear of the unknown.

We can reflect and consider this fear, look at personal choice and preferences of what we want to change or not.


Here are some stories that might resonate with you.

Are you feeling any of these? The clients below really were!
Are you feeling any of these? These clients really were!

Amy’s Story


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